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WeShop360 is an e-commerce platform that offers discount, reward, promotion, and publicity via its mobile app WeShop360 and website It integrates the strengths of digital network and people network, offering unprecedented benefits and potential for consumers, business builders and all businesses. WeShop360 is designed to connect businesses to WeShoppers, and at the same time provides a 360-degree ecosystem where an innovative cross-sharing model incentivises the WeShoppers to drive sales for the merchants while WeShoppers and merchants both enjoy the rewards, discount, promotion and publicity from various activities in WeShop360. 

With its established chains of supply and substantial shopper base, WeShop360 offers WeShoppers the best products at the best value. Besides shopping for the best deal, WeShoppers are further rewarded with lucrative WePoint by sharing their experience to their friends and family, and even by successfully introducing and listing their favorite merchants onto WeShop360.  In other words, in WeShop360 we earn not only from shopping and sharing, and also from enlisting our favorite merchants!

Best Product In Best Value

We observe what is hot and trendy in the market, we listen to what our WeShoppers want, and we get the best deals for our WeShoppers. Be it mobile gadgets, healthcare products, fashion items, or even movie tickets!

Be Rewarded In Many Ways

WeShoppers earn Product Points from as early as signing up. In addition, WeShoppers also get rewarded from sharing and referring to their friends and family.  They continue to be rewarded with WePoint as their friends and family continue to share, refer, and subsequently make purchases. The more viral your sharing spreads, the more WePoint you earn!

Besides WePoints as their rewards, shoppers will also enjoy:

  • Discounts and rebates

  • Free Merchandise

  • Coupons


Sharing Is Caring, Be An 'Intro-Preneur'

WeShop360 rewards WeShoppers who introduce and enlist their favorite merchants onto WeShop360.

WeShopper gets to enjoy from 0.5%-1.5% of the cash sales generated from the merchants up to 10 years if the merchants were enlisted successfully. Now you can be an entrepreneur just by introducing merchants to us!

The APP That Makes Lifestyle Fun


Get Started to Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur Today


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